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Why are we Eating more Sugar during isolation and How to Stop?

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Why are we Eating more Sugar during isolation and How to Stop?

Mens Guardian| May 20th, 2020

We all have a habit of eating sugary food and sugar intake is way too high in lot of us. So obviously, a lot of people need a sugar cleanses but only a few actually do it. Sugar is undoubtedly the biggest problem to weight loss and healthy living. What is sugar? Sugar is a carbohydrate in its simplest form. There are many types of sugars, from corn syrup to sugar cane. Regardless of the type, your body breaks down these sugars into glucose, your body's preferred form of energy. There are two main sources of sugar: natural and processed.
• Natural sugar is found in whole, natural foods. Examples of natural sugar include the sugars found in dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.
• Processed sugar is sugar that's been tinkered with in some way and extracted from its natural source like high fructose corn syrup.

Why are we addicted to sugar?
Sugar is brain stimulant and sugar is an addictive ingredient that has been shown to have an effect on the brain like any other addictive drug. In fact, sugar is removed slowly it takes time to remove sugar, rapidly removing it from your diet can cause withdrawal symptoms, including laziness, headaches, depression and muscle aches. It isn't easy to quit without any doubt. Your blood sugar spikes and your body releases insulin to lower it to a safer level.

Does body craves for foods full of sugar?
Headaches, laziness and depression make us crave for sugar. The more sugar we have the more we get addicted to it. Foods like deserts, ice-cream, brownie, chocolate cake, biscuits, chips, pudding, sports drinks, ketchup and different sauces, fruit juice and custard have high percentage of sugar.

6 things excessive sugar can do to our body 1. Weight Gain
2. Destroy the Immune System
3. Makes us super addictive
4. High odds of fatigue and depression
5. Accelerates skin aging
6. Increases risk of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases

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Why we have more sugar in isolation?

Isolation causes you to have experience loneliness or low self-esteem. Over time, you may develop social anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns. Having sugary foods boosts your energy, simulates your brain makes you feel a pleasurable “high” that you are prone to re-experience, and repeat the behavior.

How to stop? The key to getting rid of blood sugar is to eat foods that prevent too much insulin from being released, such as protein and healthy fats, and consuming foods with lesser amounts of sugar. It's also important to eat regular meals and snacks, because blood sugar drops when you skip a meal. Sleeping well and being able to manage stress also helps in decreasing sugar levels in our body.


To avoid sugar we should have foods that can replace sugar like sweet potatoes, honey, carbs, beans and nuts. Things to consider are having proper sleep and exercising regularly also plays a major role in order to escape from sugary foods in our life. To eliminate sugars from our life , consistency is the key. How many of us are unswerving to our diet plans?